Online People’s Choir

At times like this, it’s good to still feel (and be) connected with one another. Personally, I find singing is a release. It’s a joyful experience where I’m in tune with my mind, body and soul – and hopefully with the music! I hope you will join us via our LIVE page or our Facebook page to come together to sing and be part of sometime much wider than our own households. Here’s to singing and here’s to you and your wellbeing.

Joseph Ballard, Director

Hello and welcome! Everyone is welcome to join in.

For a LIVE choir session, every Tuesday at 7pm please go to our New Stages Live page for the live stream. if you are on Facebook, you can also watch live on our New Stages Facebook page where you can comment so we can see how you are getting on!

You can also find past sessions on our Live page that you can watch anytime on this page too.

Take Part Challenge: The Instrument Song

Open to all to take part! This is our new challenge – another way for you to get involved, safely from home! The thing about choir is… we love singing together! There are just a few obstacles in the way to that at the moment – so this is a project to get us singing together – in some shape or form.

We’re asking you to film yourself singing The Instrument Song.
1. Pick a part (you can do as many as you like).
2. Sing it to camera – on your phone, your tablet, your iPad, a camera – however you like! Record in landscape so your phone or tablet is horizontal. Sing it through twice, once loud and once softly.
3. Email the video to us by 19 June 2020. Email us here.

The song words are below along with a short video of Joe introducing the challenge and reminding you/briefly teaching you the song.

Song words

You can view the lyrics on screen but it may be handy to print them out if you can so they are ready.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch with song suggestions or if you would like a recap on something in the next session, please do get in touch.