Motivation and Creativity

Motivation and Creativity Workshop
Monday 10th August, 11am-12noon online using Zoom

The session will be informal and friendly – it’s all about enjoying connecting with one another, having a chat and having a sing.
It is a safe space – there will be no judgement. Lockdown and the current pandemic situation has affected us all differently. This is a way of trying different things, to get some motivation or mojo back! Perhaps you just want to join in the fun session to see what happens! no one is going to ask you why you are attending – it’s just taking part that counts.

At present the plan involves:
• Saying hello; you can speak if you would like to or just watch what goes on.
• Some breathing and focus exercises – nice and simple.
• Some chat – when we chat it will be an open floor for some friendly greetings and catch ups. Everyone has the chance to speak if they want to. Each person will be 90 seconds to talk without being interrupted You can talk about anything from the weather, your garden, or whatever is on your mind!
• Some creativity exercises like tiny bits of writing (words/ a sentence or two) or some doodling!

Please sign up before the event (don’t leave it until the morning itself!).

Do you have some more questions?
We’ve prepared a few FAQs and answers below.

Can anyone take part?
Yes anyone can take part (it’s for adults, so over 18s). Please do help spread the word and invite others to come along too! We’ve got a Facebook event page that you can share, if you are on Facebook. Here is the link:

I like singing in choir, but what’s the chat all about?

We’ve added some chat time to the singing – as we’ll be using Zoom which means we can talk to each other – let’s make the most of connecting with one another!
Joe will help guide people when to speak to ensure we aren’t speaking over one another! The open chat space will be a welcoming space and please don’t worry about saying anything wrong – we’re all in this together.

Why do we have to sign up beforehand?
This so we know who to expect and then we can email you all the instructions.

Who is leading it?
Joe is of course!

Any more questions? That’s fine.
Email Joe using the button below or use our Contact page.